App: Command and Control

Ever needed to force your media box to restart after the media player software has locked up? Ever finished your lately hacking session with a cluster of Raspberry Pi’s and wanted to just shut them all down? Ever wanted to double-check that your home Internet-of-Things is all still pingable and responsive? Well here’s the app for you! Command and Control allows you to easily scan for all pingable devices on your subnet, name them, set their type (even setting their default username/password, though of course you’ve all changed your default root password, right?). Once added, you can easily select just the ones you want to control, then ping them to check they’re up, or restart/shutdown all of them with one tap of your finger (okay, two, there’s a confirmation screen just to be safe)!

If you have any questions or problems with the app, please contact us at and we'll get right on it!
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